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European excellence in the protocols for gait analysis, it collaborates with CoRehab through the team of Professor Leardini composed by biomedical engineers and physiatrists to validate the sensors, exercises and assessments, with particular attention to the outcomes of hip and knee implants.

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Team of researchers with extensive experience in data fusion and analysis of information from motion sensors, provides CoRehab extensive support in algorithmic and technological optimization of motion data captured by inertial sensors.

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Group of excellence of physical therapists, physiatrists and sports doctors, who, since the early days CoRehab helps in the design and development of products useful to the industry, yet scientifically valid.

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Reference center for rehabilitation and sports training in Verona and not only, contributes to the development and validation of tests and exercises interesting for sport customers or rehabilitation patients.

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Large and experienced group of physiotherapists and graduates in physical education, put its experience and expertise at the service of CoRehab in the scientific evaluation of the exercises and tests included in the Platform.

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Professor Molteni and his team of biomedical engineers and physiotherapists, contributes to the adaptation of Riablo for neurological patients, with tests and clinical trials carried out on patients with degenerative diseases of the structure (sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, ataxia) or outcomes of stroke and spinal cord injuries.

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European institution that manages a network of universities, research centers, startups and large companies, helps CoRehab in the development and the internationalization of its business.


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The clinic of Prof. Dr. C. Fink, Priv.-Doz. Dr. C. Hoser and Dr. P. Gföller, collaborates with Corehab in the design, improvement and validation of Back in Action and more generally in the evaluation of outcomes of sports injuries of the lower limb.

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The famous laboratory of Dr. Raschner for evaluation of athletes, works with CoRehab to attest scientifically Back in Action and other products with the collection of normative data and the validation of the implemented protocols.